“Thank you so much for your sincere support and kindness over the last few months.  You have directed me to what lay hidden, allowing me to be myself completely”

“Thank you for your compassion and your belief in me. You have helped me so much.”

“I so value your insight and kindness in my healing journey”

It can be difficult to be heard in a world that can’t stop talking. I hope that by listening and truly hearing you, I can help you to discover and hear your own voice so that you might find your own answers to the struggles you face.  I hold the belief that every person has the potential to grow and to change their life in a positive way. By offering you a deeply empathic and non-judgmental way of listening, I can support you in working out how to overcome any difficulties that you may be experiencing. In working together we will build a therapeutic relationship through which you can feel safe and supported and able to explore your concerns.

“I can’t solve any of your problems for you

but I can help you to solve your own probems

and doing that will make you feel better”

Carl Rogers (founder of Person Centred Counselling)